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Eternity – the New Zealand premier

Join acclaimed writer/director Alex Galvin for the New Zealand Film Premier of Eternity.
Eternity is a sci-fi mystery, set in the near future. A police detective, Richard Manning, takes part in a futuristic computer game investigating the most difficult case of his career: a seemingly impossible locked room murder mystery of a wealthy property investor. The more he investigates, the more complex the case seems to become. Richard begins to realize that there is far more going on than just one mystery, and his own future is at stake. His only chance to escape the game depends on him solving everything – and quickly.

This is Alex’s second feature-length film, following his acclaimed first feature When Night Falls (2007).

Eternity is the first official New Zealand/Hong Kong film collaboration, and combines fantastic locations, cast and crew from both countries.

New Zealand filming took place in Wellington, and amongst the stunning scenery and art deco architecture of the Hawke’s Bay. Nearly one third of the film features Hawke’s Bay scenery and buildings.

Eternity takes place not only in the near future, but also in a city created totally within a computer game. While visually ambitious and epic in scope, Eternity is a low budget film that has achieved this through the incredibly hard work of all cast and crew, production companies, and the generosity of its sponsors and supporters.

General admission will include a ticket to the premier and entry to the after party including your first glass of wine (or juice if you are under 18).
VIP Ticket includes an exclusive pre-function bubbles and canapés event with the cast and director, a ticket the premier and entry to the after party including your first glass of wine or juice if you are under 18. All tickets go on sale September 20th.

Eternity – The New Zealand Premier is part of F.A.W.C! Food and Wine Classic. F.A.W.C! is a series of “out of the box” unique food and wine experiences set in stunning locations in Hawke’s Bay. It’s a chance to get up close and personal with chefs and food producers, wine makers and all the other clever people that make up the national and regional food and wine scene.

When: Fri 9 Nov, 7:00 pm
Where: Pin Hawke's Bay Opera House, 101 Hastings Street South, Hastings
Restrictions: All ages
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  • General admission $45
  • VIP $75

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