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Food and Wine Classic

The Food and Wine Classic, or F.A.W.C!, is a series of “out of the box” unique food and wine experiences set in stunning locations in Hawke’s Bay.

It’s a chance to get up close and personal with chefs and food producers, wine makers and all the other clever people that make up the national and regional food and wine scene. We are kicking off the first FAWC! in November 2012 celebrating the start of summer and it will be closely followed by a winter event in June 2013.

F.A.W.C! is for people who seriously love to eat (can often be seen with mucky chins and licking fingers after a meal), like to drink good wine and visit places that inspire and delight.

So check out the programme, salivate over the offerings and book your tickets immediately.


When: Fri 2 Nov, 9:00 am - Sun 11 Nov
Where: Pin Hawke's Bay,
Restrictions: Specific restrictions apply
Ticket Information:

There's something for everyone. Purchase your tickets online

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